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ESET 9 Smart Security banking locked up

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We just (same day this started) upgraded ESET license and program to Smart Security 9. I run CCleaner on all computers every night, and found it would not clean as FF was running (and it was not open). And would not close from CCleaner. So, I opened Task Manager, and it is not in "applications", but it is in "processes" and will not "kill process" nor "kill process tree". Odd.
Opened SysInternals Process Explorer, won't kill process or process tree.
This is taking right on 50% of CPU. When I try to "kill" it, the usage drops to 49.something, then right back to exactly 50% CPU.
The only way to run CCleaner is to reboot, then the FF is no longer there, and CCleaner works fine.
The 32 bit computer used to report this works fine with ESET 9.
I cannot use ESET from the 64 bit to report...once this locks up, the ESET icon in the tray goes away, and will not open from "programs".
I looked at Banking, found it does not support 64 bit XP (why did it load then?), but  you cannot deselect banking, cannot move the toggle, nothing. THAT seems to be where this FireFox lockup is.
So, XP64 not supported for banking protection, yet it loaded. I cannot turn banking protection off. I cannot do anything with that selection.
Once I try one or two times, the icon in the tray is gone, ESET will not open from programs.
This looks like, from all I have read, like a "secure browser", which is why I dropped my last AV program due to extreme resource requirements.
How do I eliminate it?
Is there a way on fresh install to not load banking protection?
NOD32 a choice here, even with lack of personal firewall?
BTW, we NEVER, as in EVER do on-line banking. There are notices in my files at my banks stating that..and to not even ask me.
Any ideas?
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Several dozen times. It would NOT move the toggle, you could not disable for any length of time given.

Two hours initial late last night, ended up using the ESET removal tool to get ESET fully out of the system (and "uninstall" would not even start to work...hence using the tool).

Got the banking disabled on fresh install, and it will now stay off.

Before we renewed the license we contacted ESET customer support on the capability of ESET to function with various XP systems (especially since XP Enterprise is still supported by MS until what, 2019 is it?) (and XP64 is by default Enterprise) , the answer was:

"Now to answer your question: Yes, our software will run on XP ... and we will provide support for it."

ESET latest is now running, GUI icon is there all the time now, no banking, I think we're good to go.


Would be nice if we had the option for a "custom install" to choose what to load and not to load.

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