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  1. I was able today to do what you asked. Oddly, when I tried it the first time, the ESET icon in the tray disappeared, no way to open it from any function. Reboot, found that particular function, stopped it, opened FireFox, and it works with ONE process open, NOT locked at 50%. I will leave my question up for a bit to see if you really want the screen shots before I delete them. Thanks....and that must explain why NOD32 worked and SS did not in this particular application.
  2. We did un-install ESET and the problem did, in fact, completely disappear. When we re-loaded ESET, we stopped banking, so it is NOT "paused", rather stopped fully. So we have done all but the process you ask..and I will do that. Will require a re-boot as that is the only way to kill the process, but I am more than willing to try. Answer one more on this please: Do you really want screen shots of Process Explorer and/or Task Manager? I still cannot post them, it says there was a problem and to contact ESET...and I did. Two folks...via PM on this very forum, and so far, no response. If you do not want them, I will just delete them. Thanks.
  3. My threads elsewhere aren't going anywhere, which is okay. I think rather than fight the Smart Security on 64 bit anymore I'll just downgrade to NOD32, since we used that last year and it was fine. Is it best to use the uninstall tool and start all over or is there a quick way to downgrade with license keys intact? The other choice is to drop back to 9 from 10, but I don't even know where to go to find that version. Thanks.
  4. No go. I even tried dragging files, still won't allow it. "Accepted file types txt, log, zip, rar, png, jpg · Max total size 10MB · Max file size 2MB " and the files are 1.3MB and are .jpg, so who knows.
  5. I have no admin answer as of yet. I have a .jpg at 1.3mb, well below the 2mb limit, proper format, I am guessing since I have few postings so far there is a block to curtail SPAM, but that's just a guess.
  6. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. Sent a message to Marcos.
  7. I can do it..just didn't know the format and was unable to do it yesterday afternoon. Now done. I give ip. Now there is a problem and "contact us". Let me try the Task Manager shot.
  8. dagnabit. I finally got upstairs, screenshotted task Manager and Process Explorer, saved them into Word, now when I send them down to this computer, the attachments won't allow a .doc I gotta do is again and I can't right now.
  9. I'll work on a screen shot later this evening when my legs will get me upstairs again. Banking was suspected, but it is now off, and the issue persists.
  10. After a removal and re-install of 64 bit ESET10 (we thought it was 9) we find the process works, the GUI stays put (off and on a couple of times on boot) and we thought we were okay. We still have issues with some kind of hook ESET seems to open in whatever browser we first open. Primary browser is FireFox, and that is why we initially thought it might be a FireFox issue. Task Manager shows a process for FireFox at 50% CPU, even with all FireFox windows closed, once you open FireFox the first time, and no application showing. This prevents CCleaner from functioning, as FireFox needs to be closed to run. Requires reboot to allow, which is a real pain at night on shutdown. Last night I had a brilliant thought (yeah, right.....) and after reboot I opened IE instead of FireFox. There is was. Process on IE of 50% and cannot have process or process tree killed. Open FireFox, no process open at 50% once the "hook" is set on IE browser. It also kills IE from fully opening once we do an initial opening of the IE browser and set the hook. The questions, therefore, are: What is ESET doing, even with banking mode disabled? How do I kill this process? I had zero issues last install of NOD32....and now I am thinking I need to go back to NOD32 to eliminate this stuff. Guess is this is some kind of ESET secure browser..which was thrown at us in Avast last time, and why we came to ESET in the first place. I have enough stuff for protection, don't need another layer that messes things up. Thoughts?
  11. Several dozen times. It would NOT move the toggle, you could not disable for any length of time given. Two hours initial late last night, ended up using the ESET removal tool to get ESET fully out of the system (and "uninstall" would not even start to work...hence using the tool). Got the banking disabled on fresh install, and it will now stay off. Before we renewed the license we contacted ESET customer support on the capability of ESET to function with various XP systems (especially since XP Enterprise is still supported by MS until what, 2019 is it?) (and XP64 is by default Enterprise) , the answer was: "Now to answer your question: Yes, our software will run on XP ... and we will provide support for it." ESET latest is now running, GUI icon is there all the time now, no banking, I think we're good to go. Would be nice if we had the option for a "custom install" to choose what to load and not to load.
  12. We just (same day this started) upgraded ESET license and program to Smart Security 9. I run CCleaner on all computers every night, and found it would not clean as FF was running (and it was not open). And would not close from CCleaner. So, I opened Task Manager, and it is not in "applications", but it is in "processes" and will not "kill process" nor "kill process tree". Odd. Opened SysInternals Process Explorer, won't kill process or process tree. This is taking right on 50% of CPU. When I try to "kill" it, the usage drops to 49.something, then right back to exactly 50% CPU. The only way to run CCleaner is to reboot, then the FF is no longer there, and CCleaner works fine. The 32 bit computer used to report this works fine with ESET 9. I cannot use ESET from the 64 bit to report...once this locks up, the ESET icon in the tray goes away, and will not open from "programs". I looked at Banking, found it does not support 64 bit XP (why did it load then?), but you cannot deselect banking, cannot move the toggle, nothing. THAT seems to be where this FireFox lockup is. So, XP64 not supported for banking protection, yet it loaded. I cannot turn banking protection off. I cannot do anything with that selection. Once I try one or two times, the icon in the tray is gone, ESET will not open from programs. This looks like, from all I have read, like a "secure browser", which is why I dropped my last AV program due to extreme resource requirements. How do I eliminate it? Is there a way on fresh install to not load banking protection? NOD32 a choice here, even with lack of personal firewall? BTW, we NEVER, as in EVER do on-line banking. There are notices in my files at my banks stating that..and to not even ask me. Any ideas?
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