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UIA Manager high cpu usage.

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Hi, I'm having some trouble with UIA Manager using excessive amounts of CPU constantly. It seems to be using at least 10% of my CPU a lot of the time. I pretty much prevents my computer from idling.


I have a feeling it really shouldn't be doing as much work as it is, wondering if it's normal or if there is some bug involved. I would expect a password manager to not really require much CPU.


My CPU is a I7 6700k incase you need to know.


I'll put a image below of the process I'm talking about.



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I have the same problem.

I also have i7 and cannot understand why UIA of eSet would take 5 - 10% of my cpu power all the time.

The comment of the administrator is very discouraging to say the least. Does the admin not know their own products?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I am turning off this feature for now.

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On 12/7/2016 at 6:39 PM, shmoogleosukami said:

UIA manager is a part of eset. It's the password manager part, I'm running Eset Smart security premium.

Please contact your local customer care as this will need to be tracked and reported to the maker of the Password Manager.

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