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Policy with on-demand scan with excluded folders

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can you please advise with following issue?


I want to create a policy for a dynamic group. Policy should start an on-demand scan for a whole station, excluding specific folders.


I know how to use scheduler ( hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3625/ ), I just dont know how to add a folder exclusion in there.


I suppose I should create an on-demand scan profile, but I only see how to exclude extensions, not folders.




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  • ESET Staff

The only way is to specify exclusions in general, for both "on-access" and "on-demand" scanners. We do not currently support specification of different exclusions for different scanners.

Exclusions are set in "Antivirus / Exclusions / Paths excluded from scanning".


Also, policy will not start a scan. Policy can only schedule a scan. What could help you is to create a "on-demand computer scan" task, which will be triggered by "joined dynamic group trigger", in the group you want to use. However, the exclusion policy, needs to be defined by policies, and only for the Endpoint as a whole. Please note, that even if you apply a different policy to the dynamic group, with the exclusions set, the task will start before the policy get applied (that´s the internal mechanism of ERA agent as of now). We are planning to change this behavior, but this change won´t be done in the next release (6.5).

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