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Android redirect virus.

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I have samsung s7 edge phone. My phone seems affected by redirect virus. When taking websites some times, it redirect to too many websites and finally shows some warning says "Your phone is affected by virus" and tells to install some applications etc. Sometimes phone vibrates and it comes as alert box. Some times we cant even go back to the page we were actually. It happens on all apps which uses web view (like facebook). It also happens in default browser as well as chrome (I have no other browser installed). I tried re-installing those apps and also did a factory reset without restoring old apps and contents. Still has the problem. There was no such problems earlier but now starts happening for all the websites i take. I am sure it is not the problem of the website which may be affected by the virus. Also it is not the problem of router as it happens even if ai am on wify and mobile data. I have the same problem with my samsung s3 too.

I have a licensed eset mobile security but it is not detecting anything even in deep scan.  Please help me to resolve the issue.


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