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  1. This is a big step backwards and a devaluation of ESET. Just this feature is very important for me. I do not want to save all browsers and the associated restrictions on normal browsing. I want this additional security only for certain pages.
  2. Difficult at the moment. What I have already done is: deleted the old rules and created a new rule after the restart. But at the next restart the same release request comes again. The request is probably for applications that access the network directly at PC startup. (e.g. WD Drive Service)
  3. However, the problem occurs with applications for which working rules have been in place for a long time. I would have to create a new rule after each restart because the existing rule is not used.
  4. In the setting interactive firewall I have a problem directly after PC start. Immediately after booting I have to release several applications manually although I have created a rule for them. After I have allowed the access once manually, it then works rule-based without problems. Best regards Christian
  5. Hello, Unfortunately, it still does not work. Is there already something new ?
  6. If the application path is too long, a scroll bar appears at the bottom (see yellow box). Click on it with the mouse and drag it to the right, then you will see the missing information.
  7. I have just tested it as well. It works fine for me with the EDGE browser. Only with Firefox is no longer redirected to the secure browser.
  8. The always protected can be set so, but I have it set so that the protected browser is activated only when selecting a bank page. This has also worked properly until the update of Firefox.
  9. Hi, I have the same problem with bank protection since i updated to Firefox115. Best Regards Christian
  10. Unfortunately there are no crash reports there. Here is the exact behavior: After some actions on a web page, a part of the page suddenly turns black and Firefox freezes completely. I then quit Firefox via the task manager and restart the protected browser.
  11. It is just random, sometimes there is no problem, sometimes it crashes several times in a row.
  12. Just for Info, Firefox Secure Banking also crashes sporadically for me after input and I don't use any other virus or keylogger software. Windows 10, ESET Internet Security
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