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  1. Hello, The computer's scan suddenly stops working. It starts, but does not scan any files. Even after 10 hours, 0 checked files are still displayed. It does not matter whether the scan is started manually or automatically. I run an automatic scan every Sunday. According to the log, this was still carried out correctly on 24.11.2019. Yesterday the scan was stuck at 0 files, even after 10 hours it still returned 0 files. Greetings Christian Amendment: Immediately after booting the computer, the scan can be started normally and runs without problems. Some time later it will hang at 0 files after the start.
  2. Short feedback: With the new version the errors in the event log as well as in the Windows update have disappeared. 😀
  3. You can simply install it over the existing version. I don't know when it's gonna be officially released.
  4. Just installed it over my old German version. The installation worked fine. I hope that the following error message from Windows-Update will no longer appear: Installation error: The installation of the following update failed with error 0x80240017: Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (version 1.303.281.0)
  5. Hello, Is only an English version available or is there also a German version?
  6. I corrected my first post. It is not the virus protection but the firewall that causes the error message.
  7. Yes, that is correct. I now check again the messages that are displayed directly after the start.
  8. @RamiNo, there is no error message directly after the start. After 1 - 2 minutes the message appears in the notification window of Windows 10. Under "Security & Maintenance" of Windows 10, however, no error is displayed. @MarcosI'll send you logs right away.
  9. Hello, Yesterday I updated to version Since then Windows reports after each restart that the Firewall is not active. Greetings Christian
  10. @Marcos: I thought this forum was designed to allow ambitious users to communicate problems or the like directly to ESET. This is already the second time that a problem reported by me is dismissed by you. The first time, after it was reported by a second user, it was suddenly recognized and processed. This translation is certainly not a good German. But in the future I won't bother anymore to report anything here. Greetings Christian
  11. Hello, I found a small translation error in the German version. The window says after a scan: "Keine Erkennungen gefunden" Better would be: "Keine Bedrohungen gefunden" or "Keine Probleme gefunden" Greetings Christian
  12. This was already promised at the last hotfix. Now that Windows' own protection is getting better and better, you might want to react faster.
  13. Yes, I need them. I manage multiple PCs and would like to be notified of any viruses or problems.
  14. Only if I disable the email notification completely I don't get a notification after the signature update.
  15. Since today I have the version The e-mail after the signature update is still coming.
  16. Hello Peter, the version is 1685.8 from 21.06.2018, but the error persists. Here is the current mail I got: 16.07.2018 14:31:23 - Beim Ausführen von Kernel auf dem Computer COREI5-4670K wurde folgende Meldung erzeugt: Die Erkennungsroutine wurde erfolgreich auf Version 17723P (20180716) aktualisiert. __________ Hinweis von ESET Internet Security, Version der Erkennungsroutine 17723P (20180716) __________ Greetings Christian
  17. Hi Marcos, Since the error has only occurred since version , which is apparently still unofficial, I thought the forum was the right place. Greetings Christian
  18. Hello, I have now set the warning level to "Error", but the email is still being sent. How do I get the dispatch switched off without deactivating it completely? Greetings Christian
  19. Hello, Since the update to version I receive e-mails as soon as the signature database has been updated. In the e-mail settings the level is set to "Warnings" and no mails have been sent until now, only since the update to Greetings Christian
  20. Hello, When I edit an e-mail address saved in the blacklist and then save it again, I get the following error message: When anti-spam protection was executed on the COREI5-4670K computer, the following message was generated: Anti-spam protection: Unexpected exception error (0022). This message repeats every time I restart until I delete the address in the blacklist Windows 10 Pro 1703 64 bit, Eset Internet Security Greetings Christian
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