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  1. I was able to update test client after cache clearing. But agent on Protect server itself has outdated paramater in Protect and at the same time refuse to update. With message, that there is nothing to update...
  2. I have same issue on onprem Protect server. Some clients updated when new version released and then it stopped and rest cannot update. Tried submit ticket on friday with logs, but no response from system and support on phone dont see one in the system. New ticket submited via web form today in 13:38 no system reaction so far...
  3. I think you both have latest version: https://support.eset.com/en/kb3690-which-version-of-eset-remote-administrator-or-eset-security-management-center-server-and-related-components-do-i-have Latest Server Linux 10.1.2267.0 Windows 10.1.1283.0
  4. For us it started like 2 hours ago. Since then we have this notification on cca 50+ computers using EES and ESET PROTECT its changing constantly.
  5. We had this for a long time. It was completely random with v8.1. Problem was that when you get notified, it is probably already resolved. Status turns green on next refresh in console or on client with no action on our side. When you reboot right after notification, it is OK immediately. I was trying to get logs, but it is uncatchable, there was a PC, where we had 5 incidents per hour, we started loging and it never shown again. It calmed down almost comletely in recent weeks and I didnt see this warning on verison 9, but we just started upgrading (we skipped mass upgrade to 8.1 because of this).
  6. Yes, we allowed 53535 for all adresses from this list. Port 80 is open too. DNS is resolving all hostnames except dnsje.e5.sk (not even google dns knows this one).
  7. Computers connect directly, we have only ESET proxy for PCs without internet access (but they are in version 8 now). TCP UDP 53535 are allowed for ESET ip adresses for live grid and antispam from FAQ. We are curently testing Whalebone (1,5 month), but without issues, all started with 8.1. we had to add 53535 livegrid firewall exclusions whitch helped (it was constant without them) and since then it is random.
  8. Hi, I will try, it is very random during day, so it may take me some time. Just took care of it on mine machine right before my previous post.
  9. I can confirm this problem with version 8.1 (we never had this problem before). We had to set exclusions for livegrid on main firewall acording to the FAQ, but almost every day "test" computers reports limited cloud connectivity, even after restart. But flushdns command works almost immediately. We stopped deployment to our computers until we know whats happening (we have 400 computers).
  10. Hello, we had same problem since thursday-friday. Restarting Apache proxy service on ERA server solved issue.
  11. Clean instalation of EEA 6.6.2072.4 didn't help. I was able to install all 02-2018 updates from WSUS server, not directly from Microsoft. But we have a lot of computers in smaller branch offices without WSUS.
  12. I'm still unable to receive KB4074588 from MS Windows Update with EEA installed. Modules: Detekční jádro: 16914 (20180216) Modul rychlé odezvy: 11615 (20180216) Modul aktualizace: 1010 (20170621) Modul antivirové a antispywarové ochrany: 1534.3 (20180202) Modul rozšířené heuristiky: 1184.1 (20171212) Modul podpory archivů: 1272 (20180122) Modul léčení: 1153 (20180129) Modul technologie Anti-Stealth: 1125 (20180214) Modul aplikace ESET SysInspector: 1270 (20170808) Modul jazykové lokalizace: 1660 (20180201) Modul technologie HIPS: 1310 (20180115) Modul internetové ochrany: 1315.1 (20171214) Modul databáze: 1095 (20171206) Modul konfigurace (33): 1525.11 (20171227) Modul LiveGrid komunikace: 1043 (20180205) Modul specializovaného čističe: 1012 (20160405) Modul detekce a léčení rootkitů: 1019 (20170825) Modul síťové ochrany: 1607 (20180215) Modul kontroly skriptů: 1028 (20180116) Modul podpory kryptografického protokolu: 1025 (20171106)
  13. I have EEA 6.6.2072.4 installed, all updated modules and registry keys present, and only february update available is for Flash Player. I'm stuck on W10 16299.192 PC without EEA updated to 16299.248
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