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  1. The DNS rule only applies to external queries ESET needs port 53 to local DNS server enabling as I understand it
  2. Just ran a tracert to all of the LiveGrid servers mentioned above (see attached file) Does anyone know what the timeout for connection is within the ESET client? Most of the servers are 15 hops with 45ms per hop but the later ones are 20 hops all with 150ms times ESETtrace1.txt
  3. We pushed out the 8.1 update to 200+ machines across 15 different customer sites All sites are experiencing the same intermittent pop up which then resolves itself I think it highly likely that all 9 different ISPs are all experiencing similar issues and that is all their fault. The comon factor here is ESET I'm wondering whether one of the LiveGrid servers is offline and it is this that is causing the pop up?
  4. Thanks for the quick response Marcos. Attached screenshots show the two firewalls currently in use -as you ca nsee neither would have ben blocking 53535 traffic (the specific rule on the Vigor was a later addition) The reason for the frustration is that this is an intermittent issue. The customer gets a pop up and 20 mins later when we jump on their machine to investigate, the message has disappeared and ESET is happy. The cycle then continues for various machines across all sites. If it were a firewall issue, access would be blocked and it would NEVER work But this seems like an issue with the LiveGrid servers themselves
  5. Just to add my two penceworth We pushed out the 8.1 update to 250+ computers across 13 different customers Prior to this we had had no reported incidents Post update we have customers reporting ESET pop-ups across all sites The firewall rules on all sites have no restriction on outbound traffic so it is 100% not the firewall producing the issue I would like to suggest ESET support stop trying to blame the issue on end users and take a look at the overall picture! We have been using ESET for nearly a decade and have been incredibly pleased with it But this issue is affecting EVERYBODY and is causing serious customer unease -nobody likes getting a frequent pop up telling them their system protection has an issue
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