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  1. On 10/14/2018 at 12:24 AM, itman said:

    Suspect this might be related to Chrome web cam issues noted in this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/16852-smart-security-premium-webcam-access-notifications/?_

    These won't be fixed until vers. 12 is released as noted by @Marcos.

    This "bug" still persists in Eset v12 for me but only happens in the first time I go to my gmail after open Google Chrome and only get it again after close and open Google Chrome again and go to my gmail.

    In v11 I was getting the webcam notification "bug" everytime I refresh my gmail page.

    Just to let the moderators know I deleted the saved webcam rule that blocked Google Chrome access to the webcam after updating to v12 but got the notification that @lvl1k0n got again after I open Google Chrome and go to my gmail, so I blocked access again.

    Is this "bug" gonna be fixed in a future Eset module update or we gonna have to wait for a Google Chrome update that fixes this "bug"?

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