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  1. I am eagerly anticipating this. Regaining some of this loss of functionality from the old editor is welcome.
  2. And that, sir, just might be the deal-breaker. But I guess it's our choice to stay or go... this is a business, after all. Users don't have too much say in the costs of development. 15 years is a long time to stay with a software, after all. It's probably time to move on, and take my suggestions elsewhere.
  3. That would be great, but it's actually overkill for what I'm talking about. A simple 'expert mode' that could be toggled wherein someone who knows what he is doing can move the rules where they want would be fine. It shouldn't be 'on' by default for less experienced users, but for those of us who want it, it's invaluable. peteyt's idea about allowing the search function to access ALL of the pages of rules would also be an acceptable measure; that way we could search for say, all rules that contain 'foo' and have it return ALL of them, no matter where they are located in the ruleset. Then we can move the rule we want to move into a position with the others. This bypasses the 200-rule limitation on the pages by displaying only the rules we want to see. We can then move them relative to each other within the displayed search results. I don't see why either of these suggestions would be too difficult to implement from the dev's POV. In the 'old' editor we were able to move both individual rules AND multiple selections via drag and drop. I still am struggling to understand why the functionality was removed. And I still want to know what a dev would say when he discovers that rule #203 can't easily be moved into position #195. Maybe Marcos can pose that question and let's see what they say.
  4. I wanted to add this to my last post, but apparently I do not have permission to edit my own posts. Another thing that is a problem related to all this is when writing a new rule from scratch, using the 'add' button, the new rule always descends to the bottom of the page you are on in the rule editor. Of course, that means continually getting a finger sprain from clicking the 'up' button to locate it after writing it. I feel that when I highlight a rule and push the 'add' button, the rule I write should be generated in that location, under the rule I have highlighted, not at the bottom of a 200-rule first page list of rules. I don't think I'm alone in that thinking. It would certainly make the interface easier to use. @Markos, can you check why I can't edit my posts? I could before, but that capability is gone now for some reason.
  5. It has always been set in Interactive mode. I have tried Learning mode and it exhibits the same behavior. Hard limit of 200 rules per page, and no way to move a rule from one page to another without my workaround. I'd love to hear from a dev who would like to move a rule from page 2 to page 1. How would he do it? Maybe it's like that silly rumor that Bill Gates once said that '640K is more memory than anyone will ever need.' Are 200 rules all anyone would ever need?
  6. Yes, and this is the problem. If a rule is #205 and you want to move it to be #190, you can't simply use the ^ button. You can only move the rule to position 201 [the first rule on the second page]. It is mind-boggling that the editor does not have the capability to move it to any position in the ruleset. So you have to work around it by using a bunch of user shenanigans: 1)move the rule to the top of the second page[#201], 2) delete rule #200, so that #201 moves onto the first page, replacing #200, 3)move it to the position on the first page where you want it, 4)manually create and add the rule that used to be #200, now it will be #201, at the top of the second page. It's a mess, and I see no other way to do it. The editor is simply not built to correctly handle rule order manipulation, especially if there are more than 200 rules. Why not simply have a selection button at the bottom of the list that selects how many rules are to be visible on a page? Like Google: How many results to be shown on one page? 20/50/100/200/300 But it doesn't stop there. It isn't even convenient to re-order rules when there are only 200 of them, either. The capability to order the rules in the rules editor is sorely lacking in features that the old interface had. A glaring one is the inability to drag/drop the rules into position; this we were able to do before this inferior ruleset editor replaced the old one. So, if a rule is say, #190 and you want it to be #60, you have to hit the little ^ button 130 times to get it there. What dev in their right mind made that decision? Couple that shortcoming with the inability to move rules between pages of the list and it is a big fail. Don't get me wrong; I have been an ESET user for more than 15 years and have complete faith in the function of the software, but to be honest, it isn't particularly user-friendly anymore. I complained about the lack of drag/drop and other regressions 4 YEARS AGO, in this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/9625-eset-9x-ui-is-a-total-disappointment-much-worse-than-before/ And itman, you were a contributor to that thread as well. That was when it was version 9.x. It's now at 13.x and NOTHING has been done. Marcos reported it to the devs then. Apparently it is not an important enough feature to be worked on.
  7. Is there some 'hidden' option to allow all the rules to be placed on the same single page? I find it is extremely difficult and inconvenient that I can only see 200 rules; it creates problems when moving rules on the 2nd page to the 1st and vice-versa. It is also impossible to search the entire set of rules for a string. The search function only sees the current page. For example, I install a new Nvidia driver, and I add rules for the nvcontainer and etc. These rules go to the bottom of the list. Then, I use the search function when on the 2nd page, and see only the new rules. It does not display the old rules [which are on the first page]. I want to move the new rules up the list to where the old ones are, and then delete the old rules. Unless I'm daft, I don't see any easy way to do this when dealing with 2 separate pages of rules. It would be nice to be able to specify either 'show all rules on one page' or 'number of rules on a page: 100, 200, etc" to our own liking. Some might like that it truncates the rules list at 200, but I think it is highly inconvenient when manipulating rule order. Any suggestions? Is there a configuration file that holds this information that I can edit manually?
  8. Hello, I am at the end of my rope. I have opened tickets, contacted the nearest ESET office by email, and still can not get a satisfactory solution/ I have been an ESET user for a decade. I lived in Thailand, and renewed my license yearly online. This year, I moved to a neighboring country [Laos]. I am unable to renew by the online process in this country. OK, that is not a problem. I bought a packaged CD and license from a large distributor here, which has branches in both countries [ADVICE.com]. When attempting to activate the license on my computer I repeatedly get the error *ACT.32* which means not usable in this region. It does not matter if I enter Laos or Thailand as my residence, the error remains the same. I contacted the regional service manager [Thailand]. Here was my reply [after waiting several days]. I have replied, stating my complete annoyance with this answer. I legally bought this software in my country of residence from an official distributor of ESET products. I paid for it. Now I am told I can't use it, with no possible resolution to my problem. This correspondence has been going on for nearly two weeks, and my current license has expired, so I get no updates at the moment. I need this license, or a replacement license, activated ASAP. The open ticket number is in the previous quote [ LLZ-HRZCP-479] Can a customer service agent with the appropriate power please look at this case and reply in a timely fashion? Thank you.
  9. OK, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and after importing my established ruleset everything seems to have gone back to the correct behavior. The notifications window is back to normal, and the Allow/Deny notifications are back. I suspect something must have gone sideways in the automatic update routine regarding the notifications themselves. I did not check the programs you mentioned - I'm pretty sure nothing there was the culprit as they have been running through years of updates with no adverse effect. Thanks for the advice, maybe keep this thread open for a week in case something else happens? Thanks Marcos
  10. Hi Marcos, This is the only problem screen that I see so far. 'List modules' shows correctly. It was not a clean install, as I said, the system was up to date with the previous version before I went away, and returned to find it updated to .23. Yes, it has been rebooted, although not immediately after the update. eis_logs.zip
  11. Hi, I was away for a few days, and when I returned home I find that I am longer asked to allow or deny through the popup windows normally seen in interactive mode. Automatic mode seems to work, but of course removes the ability to decide myself. I am assuming that the software updated itself while I was away, and that is why I'm seeing this behavior. Also, possibly related; this area is completely blank now, meaning it shows a blank white page: ADVANCED-TOOLS-NOTIFICATIONS This reminds me of the problem a few years ago when the popup windows were actually there, but not visible. For now, I am using automatic mode, but I'd like to get this problem sorted out so I can go back to the way it behaved before the update. I am 100% sure it was functioning correctly before I went away. What information can I provide to assist?
  12. Err, thank you for the approval. Do you think you could now approve the post that is the motivator for this message? I actually thought you would approve both at the same time, but I guess that was asking for too much. https://forum.eset.com/topic/9625-eset-9x-ui-is-a-total-disappointment-much-worse-than-before/
  13. Guys@ESET, if you are going to continue to require a moderator's approval for new posters, PLEASE issue it in a timely manner. It is extremely disappointing for a company of this size and reputation for a user to have to wait days, or even weeks [as I see in reading old complaints about the same thing] for moderation. I understand fully the reasons for the moderation, I just cannot agree at all with the long time frames required to receive it. To be honest, 24 hours is far too long in my opinion, but it would be agreeable if it were adhered to consistently. What is happening now is that a user posts, waits days with no moderation/response, then gets fed up with waiting and posts in the thread I'm posting in now to complain, but the complaint isn't moderated/approved either, and it goes on and on. Please stay on top of the forums. It is the best way for your customers to interact with you. Regards, thunderrd
  14. I'd like to take this chance to weigh in on the OP's comments. I have to say, I agree 100% with his analysis. I've been a SS user for 8 years, and before that an NOD user for several more; I'm not a novice. I have to say that I believe version 9 to be a serious regression in usability, especially in the rules/firewall/HIPS areas. I received this update in July, and have consciously held back from commenting, thinking that because it's new, some updates would be forthcoming. They haven't. I usually give myself time to 'grow into' a new product or interface, allowing myself to form a solid opinion through usage. I've done that; my opinion hasn't changed. Let me be specific. OK, so ESET wants me NOT to play around in the rules area? Frankly, I don't care if that is true or not. I KNOW what I'm doing, and I wish to retain the ability to do so, comfortably. Here's an example. The rules list is executed in order, so when a new rule is created, it appears at the bottom of the list. I want to move it to a new position in the list, among its 'brethren' that are located at say, rule 100. There are 250 rules in the list. To accomplish this feat, I have to highlight the rule, and then click on that little 'up' arrow...again...and again...and again.....150 times.....until I arrive at rule 101. Do you have any idea how long this takes with 250 rules in the list? How about 350? It's ridiculous. Is there any concrete reason why we can't drag the rule to its intended location? Or, better yet, a dialog that asks us where we want to locate the new rule when it is created? [Actually, we want to be able to drag GROUPS of rules, as well, by highlighting multiple rules. We can't do that now.] Please stop thinking that you're making it easier for me, by taking away my abilities to manage the rules area [or by making it more difficult]. Look, if that is the way it's going to be, I can live with it, but I don't have to like it. It is a regression, and ESET should have a policy NOT to regress their user's experience. And please, please, don't try to convince us that it's 'better' this way. Another thing: for Pete's sake, please display the executable icon for each rule. It's bad enough that we can't sort the rules for our own convenience. Displaying the icons would indeed make it infinitely easier for us to parse the list by eye. Add to that the fact that in general, the new interface isn't very good-looking in general, and you can understand our frustrations. I know for advanced users, cosmetic stuff isn't/shouldn't be very important, but it was nice to have the more polished appearance of the former product. I don't think I'm alone in that opinion. On that note, why not have open beta timeframes for qualified, experienced users - it would pay off in spades for ESET. I really, really do believe in the product, and know a number of other advanced users/admins who would be assets in such a program. Why not ask THEM what they think, before you roll something out to the user base? I guarantee they would save TONS of work being defensive in the user forums, lolz.
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