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  1. Thanks for reiterating exactly my points: it's good to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Not sure this is related to the current thread in any way (which, btw, limits the visibility of your post, which does include useful information)... But thanks anyways.
  2. Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply: it's nice to see the community being managed by someone willing to reply to criticism, even when it is expressed in a moment of extreme frustration and may therefore be quite harsh. As for your answers, > 1, As for the "Custom rule" button, I've asked devs why it was removed. I'm almost sure it's not possible to open the rules setup > window due to the new configuration engine but let's see what the devs say. I don't understand why it wouldn't be possible: I believe if the configuration engine allows to create a simple rule it
  3. Hello, I upgraded to ESET 9.x a couple of months ago. I immediately found that the new interface presents some serious usability issues, but I waited patiently for following updates to fiss this mess. Unfortunately, in recent Software updates, nothing changed on this front, so I decided to create a user account for this forum to ask whether it is planned to fix at least the most annoying issues, or if this is the "new course" ESET is willing to pursue, in which case I will decide on my next renewal accordingly. The issues - mainly tied just to (very poor) UI design - are the following
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