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  1. Just wondering if you can install V12 on a Server - Windows 2008 or do you need to go via Endpoint protection?
  2. Can you provide some info as to what changes were made compared to the previous fix?
  3. Using Win 7/64 Just wanted to confirm that for me too it looks like the issues with sandboxie have been solved (based on the first few days running the new pre-release).
  4. @ Urbano -- Tzuk sold his product many years ago to Sophos and despite some concerns at the time, the product has continued to work well with regular updates - there is a mammoth thread at Wilders Securities https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/sandboxie-acquired-by-invincea.357312/page-213 with this issue discussed on the last few pages and the Sandboxie forum is now housed at Sophos. Lifetime licenses have been honoured by Sophos, so I am not sure what you are talking about. @Marcos - don't know about Win 10 - still using Win 7/64 bit - if I have time over the weekend I will try to generate the logs but looking at the posts here and at the sandboxie/sophos site, https://community.sophos.com/products/sandboxie/f/sandboxie-forum/113844/sandboxie-fails-to-purge-sandbox---access-denied-error-on-delete-invocation the isssue should be reproducible by ESET
  5. Tetranitrocubane, just to confirm you are not the only one. I am also using sandboxie and noticed this change however the issue started a bit earlier. Previously the sandboxes did not autodelete as expected but I could still do this manually. Nowadays (and only very recently) even the manual deletion does not work and only a reboot may help. While the issue is mostly affecting chrome, I have had it on Firefox too. Not sure if any specific file from the sandboxie program can be excluded in NOD but setting sandboxie/start.exe as excluded did not fix the issue. Other than trying the exclusion I did not change any settings in either NOD or sandboxie and other pc using other AV are not affected by this issue.
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