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  1. Still not sure about the error message but after having installed the agents separately onto the pc and server, they now all appear in the cloud console - happy about that.
  2. Hi Marcos, thanks for your quick response. Please see attached error report - don't quite know how to deal with that.
  3. I just installed endpoint security and file server security on a pc and server. I used the installation file previously downloaded and activation via direct input of the business account details worked fine. However I seem to have only installed the actual AV program but not the management agent for remote control. Even though I have done this via a separate installation now (apparently successful) neither the pc nor the server appear in my remote/cloud console. How can I find them/ link them? I am using products 7.3 with the Eset Cloud Administrator. I expected them to turn up in Los
  4. I had seen the last connected tab under overview or under details but that to me seemed to indicate the last connection to the cloud to check for updates. Done some testing and it seems that is correct. Once a pc is turned off, the time shown there remains unchanged. So I guess by comparing this to other PC you can draw the conclusion that the pc is offline. Not sure how often a connection is normally initiated? Looks like every 10 minutes or does that vary?
  5. using ESET Cloud Administrator (version: and wondering whether there is any view that allows me to see if a workstation is actually online/live ? While I can see under "Computers" when the last update was done, I wonder if there is some view that allows me to check if someone is already working on the pc, ie could I run a scan. Our workstations are turned off normally after work.
  6. a feature is not installed or working properly. Just installed the program on an agent last night and while the on-board display shows everything to be fine, the cloud admin gives me this alert without any further explanation. Opening the security centre locally windows tells me that the firewall is managed by Eset Endpoint Security, so I am not sure if there is an issue with the installation or if the monitoring via the cloud console gives me an incorrect reading. I am using ESET Cloud Administrator (version: and Vers 7.3.2032.0 on the agents. Several agents instal
  7. I have set up 2FA to access the cloud portal and monitor some remote devices. That works fine but I noticed that after a relatively short period I get kicked off and need to log on again. Usually if I initiate a scan, it would not even be finished. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to extend that period?
  8. Michalj, thanks for your response - Oliver already contacted me but here is the link/page that confused me: maybe I am reading this wrong https://www.eset.com/au/business/security-packs/ It states Security packs contain .... Remote Management: then list 3 options/features I suppose if we go with the suggested Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud for 20 seats, we can easily increase that in increments if we need more seats?
  9. Michalj, thanks for the suggestion and I will watch the video. It is indeed a bit confusing if on the feature list for the small Business Pack both options are listed when only one is really required. Am I glad though that you responded because based on your description of the Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud, that's probably exactly what I am looking for.
  10. Guys, thank you very much for your info - the product I am interested in is the ESET Home Office and Small Business Pack which contains for remote Management both ESET Security Management Centre and ESET Remote Administrator 6. I am still not sure if I will need to install and run both ESMC and ERA or will have only ESMC to deal with (plus the agents). Having just checked the Eset Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud, it's in the same price range - so what are the benefits of one over the other product range? I am looking at 20-25 seats initially.
  11. I am considering moving across to NOD using of the Business Packs. Part of the packs is both the Eset Security Management Center and the Eset Remote Administrator Console. I am unclear as to what the difference between these two components is and whether you would choose one or both. We have a number of pc to be protected across two locations and I would like to receive alerts and be able to do scanning of linked pc remotely.
  12. Just wondering if you can install V12 on a Server - Windows 2008 or do you need to go via Endpoint protection?
  13. Michalj, thanks for your response. When you refer to security product first and agent second - do you mean Remote Administrator being the Security product and Agent the individual desktops? If that is the case, I would need to physically access each desktop? Just to be prepared, can you provide a link for the uninstaller, so that I don't have to scramble if on the day I run into some issue. As for the reason, yes, the product is dated and we could have upgraded but we decided to move to another product for now.
  14. Currently Running ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version and ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.2.2033.0 / ESET Remote Administrator Agent on workstations Just would like to clarify the best way to completely remove the programs. Are there any special removal exe files recommended for download or will add/remove suffice? Workstations all run on Win 7.
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