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  1. Now it seems to be resolved finally.... There was a bug on ESET serverside. It is fixed with the ESET helpdesk. They installed a patch on an ESET server and now it runs perfectly.
  2. hopefully this will be ok - I had to reboot my machine to write something in the log trace.log
  3. is there a detailed instruction what to do? I want to be able to provide the right information . Where should I send a log to?
  4. I thing I found the solution.... With the agent update via ESMC some functions (Wake-Up Call) are broken now. I needed an uninstall and a new install of the agent on my client machine. Now it is working... But it is not nice, because I have this problem on about 70 machines.
  5. I do not use a proxy, so there is no authentication anywhere. A telnet command to the server epns.eset.com with the port 8883 works immediately
  6. Hi, after updating the ESMC, the Endpoint Security and the agents on the clients the "Send Wake-Up Call" seems to stop working. I have not made any changes to the policy. Does anyone else have the problem? Any idea why it does not work anymore? Cheers Tom
  7. @PuterCare: Hi, where exactly did you make the settings in the portal? Thanks
  8. I tried it again... With the new Java version the Apache Tomcat 9.0 Service is not starting anymore.... I changed nothing in firewall settings... Where can I find the Tomcat log?
  9. Hi Edward, thanks for trying to help. I did yout recommendations, but the problem is still the same. After the installation it is impossible to connect to the console.
  10. Hi Martin, I checked my system in the state before installing the new Java: - The environment variable JAVA_HOME does not exist (surprise - but the system is running and everything works fine) - Java -version shows 1.8.0_231 Then I let the update run with the result I can not connect to the ESMC console. - Java - version shows 1.8.0_241 - setting a JAVA_HOME variable brings no improvement Has anyone an idea what can I do further? How and where can I check the Apache Tomcat configuration? The ESET environment was installed out of the box....nothing special
  11. My ESET System is running in stable state now for a long time.... My server reports that the is a Java update available (Java 8 Update 241). I did the update, restart the server and tried to connect to the Management Center. The Management Center is no more available. Local and from other computers. I uninstalled the Update, installed the old Version (Java 8 Update 231) and had no success to give the Management Center to live again. The only thing that worked is to restore the server to the state before I did the Java update. Has anyone the same experience? What can I do to
  12. I do not know, what I have done wrong - but there was no solution for me after hours of unseccessful tries. I have made the decision to install the ESMC new on the new server and switch client by client to the new system
  13. Thanks Farah, I did the command as you described. First I had a errormessage, the database is in use, bur after stopping the ESMC it worked. But now I have the next problem: The webconsole is starting, then I type my username and password. Login does not work, but I get an errormessage: Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected' Before I did the restore it worked with the usernam/password What else can I do? Thanks
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