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  1. But there was an older document for recommended settings for older versions (KB3699). Are these settings still recommended?
  2. Hi, we will install a CITRIX environment. So there will be a Citrix Cloud Connector and several servers (Server 2016) for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. I am running the ESET PROTECT in the newest version and on the new serveres wil be installed the newest version of ESET File Security. Where can I find a best practice for the setings of the Policies for my new CITRIX environment? Thanks for support CU Tom
  3. Now it seems to be resolved finally.... There was a bug on ESET serverside. It is fixed with the ESET helpdesk. They installed a patch on an ESET server and now it runs perfectly.
  4. hopefully this will be ok - I had to reboot my machine to write something in the log trace.log
  5. is there a detailed instruction what to do? I want to be able to provide the right information . Where should I send a log to?
  6. I thing I found the solution.... With the agent update via ESMC some functions (Wake-Up Call) are broken now. I needed an uninstall and a new install of the agent on my client machine. Now it is working... But it is not nice, because I have this problem on about 70 machines.
  7. I do not use a proxy, so there is no authentication anywhere. A telnet command to the server epns.eset.com with the port 8883 works immediately
  8. Hi, after updating the ESMC, the Endpoint Security and the agents on the clients the "Send Wake-Up Call" seems to stop working. I have not made any changes to the policy. Does anyone else have the problem? Any idea why it does not work anymore? Cheers Tom
  9. @PuterCare: Hi, where exactly did you make the settings in the portal? Thanks
  10. I tried it again... With the new Java version the Apache Tomcat 9.0 Service is not starting anymore.... I changed nothing in firewall settings... Where can I find the Tomcat log?
  11. Hi Edward, thanks for trying to help. I did yout recommendations, but the problem is still the same. After the installation it is impossible to connect to the console.
  12. Hi Martin, I checked my system in the state before installing the new Java: - The environment variable JAVA_HOME does not exist (surprise - but the system is running and everything works fine) - Java -version shows 1.8.0_231 Then I let the update run with the result I can not connect to the ESMC console. - Java - version shows 1.8.0_241 - setting a JAVA_HOME variable brings no improvement Has anyone an idea what can I do further? How and where can I check the Apache Tomcat configuration? The ESET environment was installed out of the box....nothing special
  13. My ESET System is running in stable state now for a long time.... My server reports that the is a Java update available (Java 8 Update 241). I did the update, restart the server and tried to connect to the Management Center. The Management Center is no more available. Local and from other computers. I uninstalled the Update, installed the old Version (Java 8 Update 231) and had no success to give the Management Center to live again. The only thing that worked is to restore the server to the state before I did the Java update. Has anyone the same experience? What can I do to
  14. I do not know, what I have done wrong - but there was no solution for me after hours of unseccessful tries. I have made the decision to install the ESMC new on the new server and switch client by client to the new system
  15. Thanks Farah, I did the command as you described. First I had a errormessage, the database is in use, bur after stopping the ESMC it worked. But now I have the next problem: The webconsole is starting, then I type my username and password. Login does not work, but I get an errormessage: Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected' Before I did the restore it worked with the usernam/password What else can I do? Thanks
  16. Hi, has anyone done a RESTORE before? Is there something special to consider? Thanks Tom
  17. Thanks for the link Marcos. The Backup of my database worked, but while restoreing the database on the new server I receive the following errormessage: C:\Windows\system32>SQLCMD.EXE -S Servername\ERASQL -d ERA_DB -E -Q "RESTORE DATABASE ERA_DB FROM DISK = N'C:\_install\DBBACKUP'" Msg 3102, Level 16, State 1, Server Servername\ERASQL, Line 1 RESTORE cannot process database 'ERA_DB' because it is in use by this session. It is recommended that the master database be used when performing this operation. Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Server Servername\ERASQL, Line 1 RESTORE DATABASE
  18. Hi there, at the moment I have a very good ESET environment running. Now I want to change my server OS on a new Server with new IP. Has someone a cooking recipe for me, so I can transfer all my settings (including the policies) to the new system? I have a standard installation with mySQL. Thanks Tom
  19. Hi there, I tried to change my Java environment from Jre-8u201 to JDK 11.0.2 I did all the steps explained in the support article "Install ESMC Web Console using JDK". (finding here: https://support.eset.com/kb7088/#) I followed the szenario with Tomcat version higher than 7.0.90. Everything looks fine, but step 7 will not work. The Apache Tomcat service will NOT start anymore. Also rebooting the server will not fix the problem. Reinstalling the jre will make it possible to restart the service. I downloaded the JDK here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downlo
  20. In the ESMC console the timestamp of last connection was minutes before. So I think they were still talking to the server, but receive not the newest modules.
  21. This morming I had about 40 machines with the problem. For me also a reboot of the ESMC server solved the problem. Mysterious but not satisfying
  22. Hi there, I have the same problem on some (now 2) machines..... Checked everything. seems to be OK, but still the problem. On one machine (with internet connectivity) I disabled the firewall, then it worked. But the other one has no Internet connection, so disabling the firewall gave no solution. CU
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