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  1. OP specifically said he's using Endpoint Antivirus, so Web Control is not available. Only other option would be enabling diagnostic logging, but AFAIK these logs don't get passed to ERA.
  2. That was over a year ago, the log out time can be changed for all users including Administrator in user preferences at least from ERA 6.2 onwards.
  3. Unfortunately this really isn't a good option since there will be around 20000 PCs connecting to the server, and no reliable way to tell which PC belongs to which group.
  4. I've got a client with ERA 6.4 and they have created around 250 static groups. They want to create different all-in-one installers for each of groups so that different branches automatically joins appropriate static group after installation. As you can imagine manually creating these all-in-one installers via the web interface is slow and error-prone, so I would like to ask if there's a faster/better way to do this? Remote push/GPO deployment is out of the question. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!
  5. What OVA appliance version are you using?
  6. Try using the steps here to uninstall in safe mode then re-install: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/?viewlocale=en_US
  7. Do you get any errors when pressing "Update" ? In any case try go to Settings - Advanced Settings - Update - Clear Update Cache, press update again and see if it updates successfully, if not try a re-install. ESET does not provide offline virus DB downloads.
  8. I've seen cases where all-in-one installer generated by ERA doesn't want activate for some reason. If you enter product key directly on the client, you get an "ACT. 21 Internal error", remote activation tasks would fail too, most likely due to the same issue. Some suggestions for you to try: 1. Delete the license key on ERA, added it again, and then re-create the all-in-one package (you can ditch the old ones as they're probably already botched) 2. Create the all-in-one package without the license, then use the activation task for activation.
  9. Try doing a "Rename Computers" server task.
  10. Try this update: https://forum.eset.com/topic/9695-eset-remote-administrator-web-console-version-642810-has-been-released/
  11. In the case of false positive, how to recover files from the quarantine? it seems I can only delete files quarantined by EVS in quarantine management.
  12. Hi, I have a question regarding EVS. Where are the quarantined files stored in EVS? EVS Appliance or Virtual Agent Host? Is there any way to recover quarantine files? I tried a Upload Quarantined file client task but failed with "Ignoring invalid task for VAgentHost"
  13. It should be parameter --silent and also --avr-disable may be interesting as it disables AVRemover. Just wondering if there's any other parameter for the bundled installer similar to msiexec /passive which shows a progress bar.
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