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  1. Created new policy and turn off proxy same error. Computers on same subnet as server,... no firewall, direct access to internet. Its not working.
  2. Yes it reports correctly Endpoint Anti virus is installed. So looking at the ERA console the client is listed as connected and Correct version installed. Whats interesting,... With the agent installed I cant activate Endpoint on the computer itelf. I need to uninstall the agent and endpoint and download a standard install then it activates correctly. I can then install the agent and appears to be able to send policies. I have 75 computers and 10 servers I need to add,.. so doing it the long way is not ideal.
  3. Deployed RA server. add license and complete install. Create installer with agent and endpoint antivirus. Install on client. Client shows up create activation task. Task fails. Pretty frustrating when it doesn't work clean out of the box. trace.logstatus.htmllast-error.html
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