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Windows has detected a problem w/Eset Online Scanner and will close it now

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Hello all, I tried running the free ESET Online Scanner a couple times in hopes that it might rid my Win 10 64 bit laptop of Firefox Patch Pop Ups (which ask me to install a virus).  The first time I ran ESET, before finishing the scan, it identified a serious threat (progress bar turned red) from Mozilla.  But before the scan could complete I lost the controls/ability to stop or pause the scanner (all that was visible was a yellow advertising banner across the scanner) so I shut down the computer and went to sleep.  Ran a second scan in the morning and the same threat was found toward the end of the scan but this time the scanner froze with a Windows pop up saying a problem has been detected with the scan and windows is ready to close it.  Since both scans found the same threat I'd like to know if the ESET Online Scanner has automatically quarantined the threat for me or must I do that myself at the successful completion of the scan?  The other question is if I need to run the scan a third time to remove the threat, how do I keep the scanner from turning into a yellow banner with no controls or freezing up?   

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