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FinFisher Range of Attack Tools


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The FinUSB tool is used to infect computers via a USB stick. "Can be used e.g. by housekeeping staff"

According to the documents, the FinIntrusion kit can be used to record Usernames and Passwords from wireless networks even if the sites use SSL:...

They also highlight that FinIntrusion can be used to steal user's online banking credentials:...

The FinFly backdoor (deployed from a USB drive) "can even infect switched off target systems when the hard disk is fully encrypted with TrueCrypt":...

FinFly Web exploit can be used to do drive-by-infections and can be integrated by a local ISP to inject the module into Gmail or YouTube when the victim accesses those "trusted" sites:...

Another mechanism to infect the victim is to have the victim's ISP automatically poison all of his downloads to include the malware. This can also be done by modifying automatic software updates.

Interestingly, the description of FinSpy Mobile specifically mentions they support Windows Phone. This is the first reference of any malware for Windows Phone we are aware of.



OK this is getting really annoying now, the background color always comes with the text you want to copy&paste, this is not the first time. And it's very annoying but I don't find any setting inhere that I can change to get black text only, without the background!!!


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Anyhow, I wanted to share this as it is rather disgusting, even if it comes from a competitor to ESET I figured it would be OK anyway, as I think it is important to share interesting and disturbing news like this. Not that it is the first time we hear about FinFisher, and certainly not the last. :)

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