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what do people (and eset) think about these suggestions?


My NOD32 want list mostly HIPS related.
1 - after entering password to make changes, no further authentication needed for 60 seconds (configurable in options up to max 15 minutes min of 0 aka current behaviour).
2 - Require password for temporary approvals on HIPS (made viable by #1).
3 - Add a interactive mode that doesnt auto approve on failure to respond to prompt.
4 - Add a feature that if in interactive mode and no activity detected for 2 hours (interval configurable), auto switch to policy mode.
5 - Dont require http(s) scanning for normal status icon.
6 - Add choice between new and old UI.
7 - Do not make import config also import license info, whilst this is convenient, its a problem when sharing config between machines.
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