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Parental Control and Minecraft P.E.

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My children play mincraft p.e. on the tablet.  I have had to raise the web blocking age to 12-17 so they can access the mincraft servers they play on. I would rather unblock the particular website category than unblock it globally. Anyone know which one is blocking, or is it something else that is blocking the servers. The minecraft app itself is not blocked in application guard


It would also be very useful if I could create different settings for different user accounts on the same tablet.  I assume it is only possible to create settings per device.

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I have the same problem with Medieval 3. The application guard does not block it when an existing game is loaded.  Only when a new game is started (or attempted).


Is there any place or setting where one could add applications to some list of what should be blocked? It should block it for two reasons: 1) when the time budget for the day is used up and or the child has attempted to play outside of the pre-set time frames on the scheduler, or 2) when the app is rated above the child's age. With this specific game/app, it does not block it at all.  Not sure what to do in this case?


I have also not been able to set up different "profiles" for different users of the same tablet.  I guess it cannot be done.

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