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Found 11 results

  1. Hi fellow friends, I am new user of ESET INTERNET SECURITY (EIS). Hope all are well and staying in safe place. I am falling in trouble when I run the EIS after. My Facebook is not working properly. and Its saying access denied but when I stopped the EIS after it works properly. And when I activate EIS in that if I use proxy browser then also facebook works. I have checked there werent any blocked IP or domain. How can I relief from that issue? Thanks in advance Mahfuz
  2. Whenever I even view the child profile in my.eset.com portal, the date of birth field resets to today's date. This is very annoying as it practically resets their age ratings to 0. So I want to clarify, I do not edit the profile, only view it at parentalcontrol.eset.com and the date of birth resets. Is this forum even right place to report bugs like this? Cheers, - Arttu
  3. Hi ESET Support I installed Norton Family Parental Control on my son (12 years old) device with Android 4.3 until I saw it was deactivated, somehow, anyway very disappointing. So searching for Parental Control applications on the web I found ESET has timing and timer features that are great with applications categories. ESET Parental Control was working great for around 2 weeks so on saturday I decided to pay the License to get a full year kid protection. On Sunday my kid was playing after 8 PM when he should be at bed with no games available on his phone. For my surprise ESET PC is deactivated, like not setup !!! I came to the web to check if any alert from ESET, nothing, shows my kid is safe !!! Well somehow, the ESET PC application was deactivated without any alert, nothing. So I need your support asap as I have serious problems with kid play times etc. Please your support and or suggestions are required as soon as possible. Thanks BR Victor I attach pictures for your review.
  4. My son is 11 years old and see all access-restriction software on his mobile phone as a challenge. Yesterday we have installed ESET Parental Control für Android on his phone and today he manged to switch the Android user to his secondary account. The secondary Android account seems not to be secured. Do we have to perform the installation routine on that account as well? If so, how could we prevent that our son simply creates a third user on Android? Regards, Ulrike
  5. I spoke with one of your tech supports who has also seen this on the device and he has said he will be alerting your senior developers, but I thought I should make others aware, I have just purchased a Motorola Moto E for my sister, and it runs Android 6.0, it didn't come with the "Browser" application installed as previous OS' did, it came with Chrome, Now when I was setting the phone up, in Chrome I enabled Data Saver, which sends all traffic through Google's servers and the Parental Control App, does not detect the websites being visited, thus allowing access to blocked content. Turning this off enables the web block to work, however you can just turn it off again without the need for the parental pin. Thanks Have a Good day.
  6. Parental Control not monitors the web activity. And when it was free 30 days, and after a purchase does not show on which sites are visited the child. Please help! Blocking application is working properly. Web sites are blocked normally, but does not show any site to which the child has gone. P.S. Sorry for my English.
  7. My children play mincraft p.e. on the tablet. I have had to raise the web blocking age to 12-17 so they can access the mincraft servers they play on. I would rather unblock the particular website category than unblock it globally. Anyone know which one is blocking, or is it something else that is blocking the servers. The minecraft app itself is not blocked in application guard It would also be very useful if I could create different settings for different user accounts on the same tablet. I assume it is only possible to create settings per device.
  8. My new Nexus phone uses the Google Project Fi wireless service. It uses a custom company-provided SIM card to allow call switching between two different US wireless carriers, T-Mobile US and Sprint, and also Wifi, and the device will switch between these three options for calls even as they are in progress. The goal is to provide the best coverage and when possible route calls over wifi to keep costs low. When the phone changes between these options while on a call or idle and searching for the best signal, this is being detected as a changed SiM condition and tripping the ESET anti-theft and locking the device. The SIM has not in fact changed but it does have different IDs depending on which network is in use at that moment. For example I just took a call that began over T-Mobile but since I am in my wifi at home, the phone handed off to the wifi and ESET locked the device the second the call ended. This is the third time in the last day anti-theft has locked the device like this due to conditions that are entirely normal for this particular device and cell company. Yesterday I was driving around and went from one wireless carrier to the other as they had different signal levels, and the other was standing in line in store where it swapped over to wifi and back to the phone carrier. Bam, it locks. It would be nice if ESET could look into the way Project Fi SIM cards work and adapt to it so it doesn't cause these false theft locks. As it is, I am going to have to turn off anti-theft and wing it and I am not happy about this. But at least my phone won't be locking itself after every network switch.
  9. Hi, I've seen that Kaspersky has a protection module to tell you if your webcam is been used. This would be a great feature to add to Eset, because some people like me get a bit paranoid if my webcam is on. Can you please consider this suggestion. Thank You
  10. After I install and activate the parental control Eset Smart Security 8, began my problems with internet connection in the application Google Drive, I disabled the Firewall, the same parental control, restarted my computer again and again, but not no way to reconnect the application.. Please I need help with this problem.
  11. Hello, Our site (www.roulettebotplus.com) is being falsely detected as `Potentially unwanted content` on Eset's Parental control module. The error message: `Potentially unwanted content` `This page is identified as potentially unwanted.` `hxxp://www.roulettebotplus.com` `This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content.` Our product, RouletteBotPlus, is just a tool that helps users to play with roulette systems. A lot of our users are playing with our product on FUN accounts, which give them the opportunity to explore and enjoy the roulette game. Again, we are not envovled with any money transcations. we just offer, for free, a tool for playing roulette with different algorithems. Please help us with the fixing of this issue (all the domain is blocked). Thanks, rbpuser
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