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Add extension to secure browser

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Aloha. I'm starting to play with the secure browser for banking. I use Chrome for my normal browsing, and when I visit a banking site, ESET automatically opens the secure browser. The problem is that I use a password manager to fill in my password, and this extension is not available in the secure browser.


I've tried to add my password manager's extension for Chrome, but the install fails.


Is there any way to add this extension to the secure browser?




Harry Z. 

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What if I don't use LastPass? How can we add add-ons?


It's not possible. Only ESET can whitelist trusted add-ons.



Is Dashlane supported?


*EDIT* tried it, and it doesn't work when using the dashlane install URL their application provides (uses the chrome store to install it). Would be cool if ESET would consider vetting it and approving it, as not having a working PWM in payment protection is part of why I turn it off. (well, that and it regularly fails to detect banking sites half the time)

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Haole Boy seemed to indicate in 2nd post that ESET Moderator's suggestion worked, since he thanked him twice.

But, I had no such luck! Did anyone else have luck?


Per ESET Moderators suggestion: "If you use LastPass, just enable pre-release updates to get the latest BPP module which supports it."

I went to advanced setup/Update/Basic/Update type/ and set as Pre-release update and saved.

Went to Update and clicked Update now. After update, I checked Product update and it is at latest, 9.0.375.0 .


Opened ESET Banking & Payment protection which opened Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 m (64-bit) with "Secured by ESET" flag on top bar.


Tried loading 3 different LastPass Extensions:

1. From Get more extensions / chrome webstore / Version: 4.1.6 - Updated: April 14, 2016

2. From https://lastpass.com/misc_download2.php - LastPass for Chrome (No Binary Features) -  


Which it turns out is same as 1.

3. From Lastpass support ChrisN sent link to a Pre-build version


Which said in info section that it too was Version: 4.1.6 - Updated: April 14, 2016

All 3 versions gave same error: "Package is invalid: 'CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE'."


LastPass extension loads in Secure IE11 just fine with no hiccups. Too bad I can't stand using IE11.


Okay ESET Staff, please answer this. I wanted ESET Banking & Payment protection to work in Chrome as it does in IE.


Support Chat is submiting feature request to developers for a change to let LastPass Extension load in Secure Chrome as it does in Secure IE. A product functionally difference was the reason the error occurs  according to Chat Help and request for feature change was submitted by LauraG.

"We submitted a feature request for Last Pass to be added as an allowed extension in Google Chrome. " per email after chat.


Over at LastPass support after I told them the prebuild extension did not work they pointed me to this thread and that only ESET could fix this.

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