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Alerting message of ESET- 9 internet security:

This message annoying to see at each logging time in my browser- window 7 ultimate:

After many times of trying get ridding from it I clicked on its bottom to see what online will advice, but sorry to say that what I have read is just instruction how to make the message displaying or not displaying.

I can do it as well, but I want to adjust it to be already seen and worked as it is.

I mean the message that appears in right lower part after each time you open your browser a time when appearing in a red colour, why does this occur?

Here my notices I wrote in the page showing it is not useful….

I read it and I understand the content, is the tray not supported in window-7 ultimate, this message annoying me: the protocol of filtering meets error in loading likely into proxy service as I read the message, if I disable the notification, it will be forever hidden then nothing will alert me, How to make it in a good range?

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  • Former ESET Employees

This is a known issue which is being fixed in an upcoming service release. We do not have a date for when this build will be released but we expect it will be very soon. Our apologies for the annoyance and frustration. We thank you for your patience and for reaching out to us.

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  • Administrators

Please post a screen shot of the alert you're getting as I'm not aware of anything that would trigger an alert when opening a browser.

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Thank you all

It does appear when there is no current internet available but while internet has been started, it does not appear

It just alerting you that the protocol of your proxy manner has an error during the process of loading

I immediately can make the notification not displayed but I left it for its default setting.

I think it is related due to the program is for internet security issues

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The original message: I said it is due to internet, now I think it is not so, because now I have access


An error occurred while starting proxy server, analysis of application protocols ( HTTP, POP3,IMAP) will not function

Learn more about this message) click to go online 

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