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Messages being blocked for HTML Formatting

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I have a group of messages that are being blocked and the reason is "HTML Formatting (Fonts, colors, etc) (26%)"


It is a marketing message we are sending out from a cloud base service and according to the statistics it is being blocked by .007 of systems.  


Part of those .007 systems are my users and it is due to the reason listed above and gets a score of 95.


I can easily whitelist the cloud service but I'm trying to see where I can adjust this setting since it is getting through the majority of filters (ESET is our 2nd filter and it makes it through the primary).


It also takes an action of Rejected which is not what our SPAM is set up to do, it's set to delete, I've looked through the settings but don't see anything regarding formatting or actions that would reject something.


So any thoughts on where this setting would this be found?

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Unfortunately, you didn't include important information - what product and version do you have installed?


That would be useful, wouldn't it?  I think I re-wrote the post in an editor and left out the first sentence.


We're using ESET for SPAM filtering (ESET Mail Security for Exchange, V 4.5.10012.7)

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