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ESET 8 Firewall Not Allowing Me to Log Into Minecraft

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Hello, everyone.

Recently, one of my games called minecraft has been acting up. I try to log in, but it won't allow me to. (This isn't because of an incorrect username and password, I've checked.)


My internet is working perfectly fine and my computer has no viruses to my knowledge. I've deducted that the cause of this malfunction is due to the firewall.

It seems to be blocking C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe. (I've made a rule to allow the minecraft application, so I don't think that that is the problem.)


How could I allow svchost.exe again? Can someone tell me exactly what it does?

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If temporarily disabling the firewall helps, upgrade ESS to v9 and reproduce the issue. Then run the firewall troubleshooting wizard to see a list of recently blocked communications and to create the appropriate allowing rule

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