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V9 and Windows Photo Viewer

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Hi, I installed v9 as an upgrade over v8 a few days ago, since when I have found that Windows Photo Viewer pauses for several seconds when trying to look through several images in a folder, using the forward or back buttons. The pauses are a bit random, in that it will sometimes behave normally for 2, 3 or 4 images, then seem to hang, but other times it seems to hang for several seconds as soon as I click to go to the next image.


It also hangs for several seconds before closing after clicking the close button.


Temporarily disabling protection results in WPV behaving normally. I have since completely uninstalled Nod and re-installed from scratch, but the behaviour persists.


This is on a Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit machine, BTW.


I know there are "better" image viewers out there, but I quite like using WPV to flick quickly between a number of images, rotate them if necessary and zoom in and out as required. I never experienced the issue with any previous versions of Nod.

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