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Anyway to tell if signature server is up or down?

Guest Pete

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I have NOD32 v. 6.0308.0


My computer was powered off for about 10 days; the last signature installed was 8589 (20130720).


When I booted the computer, ESet correctly notes that the signature file is out of date and attempts to update ... but nothing happens.


I've cleared the update cache and rebooted with no improvement.


When I click the "Update now" button, the animation plays and the information changes to:

    Virus signature database update  [empty progress bar]

    Update progress 0 kB / 0 kB

    File name: [blank]


I have Internet connectivity.

My license is valid until 30 Sept 2013

My license number and password appear to be entered correctly.


Is the server down (29 July 2013 1550 EDT (US))?


What now?

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After about a half hour, the update finally started ... so whatever the problem was, it's now resolved.


It still would be nice to be able to determine if there was a problem at the server end, so we would know to simply wait for a while and try again, rather than attempt to diagnose some problem (which doesn't exist) on our own computer.

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Yes, there was an unexpected glitch with the updates that escaped our attention. The issue is now resolved and updates work fine. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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