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Unable to install stashimi Music Recorder

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With my Nero 2016 Platinum Suite, I have the option to install stashimi for free which is an online radio/recorder.


I have installed it numerous times before and last was yesterday just fine


What I would do is launched Nero 2016 launcher and click on the stashimi icon, then it would start downloading and installing stashimi


I didn't have NOD32 installed when I was able to install it as I was waiting for v9 final. I only had MBAM Premium installed and active just as a temporary solution until NOD32 v9 was released.


Now that NOD32 v9 went final, I formatted and installed Windows 10 again to have a fresh start, mind you Windows Defender and all its startup entries are disabled


The first thing I did after installing all drivers and doing the Windows updates was to install NOD32


Now when I launch Nero then click on stashimi, it starts to download then I get a message from the installer "stashimi setup has ended"


I tried many times but no luck.


I even disabled NOD32 and added the temp folder to the exclusions but no luck.


Now I don't trust disabling NOD32 because in the past with v8 when I had a problem with Outlook 2013 not syncing emails properly, disabling NOD32 did nothing, only after uninstalling it did Outlook start to work so I think there is a serious bug in NOD32 where disabling it doesn't really mean it's fully disabled.


Any ideas or can you please login to my PC using TeamViewer to check?




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Disabling which of the protection modules makes a difference?

I disabled the entire protection completely, doesn't make a difference. as I stated from the past in v8, also disabling NOD32 didn't solve an issue I had where MS Outlook wouldn't sync email, only uninstalling NOD32 then solved the issue with Outlook. I feel it is the same case here where I am disabling NOD32 and it isn't really being disabled.


I don't want to uninstall it just to install the software instead, I wanted assistance via TeamViewer to see how we can get it to install.

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Ooops, issue solved, I launched my VPN (Private Internet Access) and connected using the VPN and now it installed. My apologies that I blamed NOD32 as that was the only change I did since last time I installed it was to install NOD32.



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You don't have to use the link down below of stasimi in nero 2016 you must start the stashimi recorder from there you follow the instructions is so easy


I also used the link below first that doesn't work

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