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Hello, I installed Apache Http proxy on windows server following step by step instruction on your website, I also changed the client update settings to use Http proxy to see if it works. Everything went fine however when I tried to copy and paste the code for restricting the proxy to eset traffic only, it didn't work because when i tried to restart the service it couldn't start. So i reverted the file to the way it was. How can i fix this and make sure that the server is actually caching my updates. Last question, can the clients update without an internet connection, and if for some reason the server went down i would have to change the setting for all my clients to able to update from the internet again?

This is my first time using your business products I am in trial and I'm excited about them. Not that very complex network, office with 15 clients and a windows server essentials.
Thank you for your help, any extra suggestion would be helpfull.

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Hello, you still need to have an internet connection, as an initial information aboput currently available updates is downloaded from the internet and then only the update files themselves are downloaded from the cache.

As for the question about the proxy server being down, you can set two update profiles, the primary one using the proxy and the secondary one (used when the primary is not available) going directly to the internet, according to the steps at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3621/

Regarding the server itself, it is automatically caching files after installation, no setup needed. What setting did you want to change?

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