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Help! Win8 64 Bit Upgrade from 5.x to 6.x Failed!

Guest Mark

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I just did an update from within the ESET UI and, upon reboot, I'm being told that HIPS is disabled and Web Access Protection is Non-functional. There is also a message on the Home panel to the effect that Analysis of application protocols will not function (An error occurred while starting services. Analysis of protocols (POP3, HTTP) will not function).


How do I fix this???


- Mark



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Sorry to hear this, unfortunately this can happen when doing a major upgrade from within the GUI for unknown reasons, but in most cases it works just fine as it should. Though the best way when doing a major update i.e V5 to V6 is to uninstall V5 first and then install V6. That's the method I recommend.


Like I said, it is usually fine updating like you did but it can also go wrong like in your case, we have seen reports like yours before.


But updating from V6.0 to V6.1 is considered a small update and they have worked in 100% of the cases i've done them from within the GUI just like you did.


But as I said, the best and quickest way to fix your issue is to simply uninstall V6, and install V6 again from scratch by downloading the installer from ESET.com

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