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ESET Username and Password

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My apologies if I am in the wrong area.


Am really new to the forum thing. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and went smooth but three days later got message "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to be restarted, we will restart for you, preparing automatic repair, diagnosing your PC. Reboot and system got same message, took several of the options but it returned to same message. The last option was re-installation of Windows 10 and deletion of all data files.


Now I am trying to reload everything from scratch but I don't have my username and password nor the EAV number. I used the Support options at the ESET web site but on attempting to submit the message, it just sits there spinning but never gets sent to ESET.


Tried every which way to contact ESET using several of their options but it does not work. Can someone provide an email address at ESET and I will contact them via my Microsoft Outlook? Don't know how to get around this issue nor if I am addressing it to the right area. Have had ESET since I retired in 2004 and it is an excellent product.   I really need an email address to ESET to fix the issue. 


I originally set up ESET via my ...@canusatrini.com  email address but cant seem to get emails back from ESET there and of course it wont accept my

Gmail address ...@gmail.com  because it was not registered with my Gmail address. Am in a quandry.


Any assistance would be appreciated but an ESET email address would suffice.




Peter Frank Lee

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