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Possible false positive?!

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I had my scheduled full system Scan on 28.7 and as usual everything was fine. The last database update before I disconnected my phone from WiFi and 3G was 6069P (to save energy overnight since there wasn't anything I waited for).

I updated some apps before that and ESET scanned everything just fine. I decided to do another scan a few minutes ago (just a habit) and this time ESET listed Office Remote (last update 9.4) with spy.feabme.c (variant).


So because I only use the official Play Store and think that I'm fairly advanced then it comes to security, I would guess that this is just a false positive and something I wouldn't have noticed with using the release instead of pre-release server (phone still offline since I researched a bit). That Microsoft released an infected update and even McAfee (LG pre install..sitting there for on demand scans) and ESET took 4 months to find this type of Trojan AND me having no issues with things that might happen after pw leaks (and i used my phone a lot the last 4months) seems rather unlikely.

I might just let it sit in quarantine for a bit and put it back after a few updates (nothing to loose after 4months i guess) or just keep using Office for Android.


 Android 4.4.2 using the 5.0 Messaging App without auto MMS receive as info for the latest news around that

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