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Server stopped pulling updates


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Latest version of RA 6.  Everything was working fine until a few days ago when clients were no longer able to communicate with the server. I rebooted the RA server and clients could all connect again.


However, the RA server does not appear to be pulling signature updates.


Can someone tell me 1) where to check the signature version on the RA server, and 2) how to force it to pull a new signature.


I've checked the log files and can't tell why it is not updating, so any suggestions what to check would be helpful.


Thank you.

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ERA6 doesn't download signature updates, it updates only a couple of modules that it needs. Could you please clarify what you mean?

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I opened a support case for this issue.


It turns out that despite a reboot of the server running ESET RA, the Apache Proxy service was still borked. Support restarted the service and everything started updating again.


However, today I found the same issue and had to restart the service again. It appears to be running, but apparently isn't working correctly. Really would like to know what is causing it to fail.

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