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ERA 6 Appliance Deployment Answers

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During the ESET Remote Administrator appliance deployment (via OVA on VMware vSphere), you are asked several questions regarding Active Directory domain controllers.

1) What features sets are lost if you do not add this information in when deploying the template?

2) Is the appliance able to connect to multiple domain controllers in case one is not responding? We have a round robin CNAME entry to several of our domain controllers for this purpose, what is required for this to work properly?

3) Is the workgroup necessary for domain deployments, is the NetBIOS name of your Active Directory domain required?

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  • ESET Staff

1. You will lose domain users authentication and synchronisation with Active Directory. By entering just 'Windows Domain' and 'Windows Domain Controller' you will still be able to perform synchronisation with AD.

2. Appliance only supports one domain controller. Extra CNAME entry for specific domain controller should be created.

3. It is not necessary. If not present, then it will be automatically derived from domain as first token from domain, e.g.: 'my.domain.com' then derived workgroup will be 'MY'. Some customers have different workgroup (NetBIOS) names for their domains.

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