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The worst activation Ive ever dealt with by miles !

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After spending 3 hours of my time on my day off trying to get 'mail security mx server' activated I gave up :angry:


How can it be this difficult to get a product to register and show up in the ELA dashboard so it makes sense and shows it working.


Who is in charge of all the wording used in the guides, help section etc as none of it correlates to the emails I was sent.


Nothing works, serials dont work with passwords, email addresses dont work with serial numbers.............. WTF !!!


I now hate your product with a passion and am seriously considering not purchasing the rest of my order


Im ************ fuming !!!!!!!


:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:



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currently we have ESET Mail Security v5 available for download, however, since it's not based on v6, it doesn't activate via ELA. All you need to do is add the license file from the registration email you should have received after the purchase to EMSX. There's "License keys" section in the advanced setup where you can add it or you can select the key during EMSX install. The email also contains your username (EAV-*) and password that you enter to the update setup for updates.

Should you still have problems activating your EMSX, please drop me a PM with your username so that I can check the status of your license on files.

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