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Ubuntu 14.10 no gui

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I installed nod32 on Ubuntu 14.10


On boot the GUI pops up showing its running etc. Once you close the GUI, its gone forever until a reboot. The 2 icons installed to launch the program (one low res and one high res icon) does nothing. Clicking them does not bring up the GUI again, the only way to do that is with a reboot. 


This seems like a major oversight. After searching the forums and many Google searches, I see others with the same problem and no resolution to it. Many of the replies in such threads simply has a VERY outdated response of upgrading to 4.0.79 which is of no use as I have a later version installed. 


How is one able to fix this? Please do not point to the outdated reply of upgrading as that has not been applicable for some time.  


Thank you for any help anyone can provide.


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So you are using NOD32 for Linux 4.0.81? If so then you're right of course you can't upgrade.


Have you looked at the installation instructions? Did you do everything like it's described there.

Additionally are you using a 64bit version of Ubuntu?


I don't know what you mean with the "GUI popup" - maybe a screenshot could help. Because there is a splash screen at startup but it disappears automatically.

Other things shouldn't be shown at startup so there should be nothing to close.


Please also note that Ubuntu 14 is not listed as a supported OS, however this of course doesn't have to mean that it doesn't work.

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For the sake of anyone doing searches for a solution to making the ESET NOD32 show the Unity panel icon in more recent distros such as Ubuntu 14.04, there are two straightforward solutions that I have found:


1. In Terminal run the following command (after installing ESET NOD32) - Reference hxxp://www.av-compar...nux_2015_en.pdf

sudo apt-get install libappindicator1


2. For those that prefer an option that fits in with the Unity Theme one can add a new AppIndicator called Indicator Systemtray Unity which adds a system tray to the Unity panel. A good howto can be found here hxxp://www.webupd8.o...for-ubuntu.html


Certainly hope that the ESET NOD32 team keep their Linux version maintained, as it is certainly one of the best options when it comes to Linux antivirus programs.

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Hi Buddy,

Stumbled upon this post.

for some reason the new Ubuntu 14.04.4 doesn't show the GUI of ESET aswell.

Tried your methods, but to no avail. if anyone has any solutions for it i'd be really happy to hear from.



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