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Time issue with the scheduler - Policy

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I would like to know if anyone here had this problem.  We have a policy that ask the clients to do a full system scan every wednesday at 12:00PM.


The problem is that the scheduler task summary display that this task will be run at 00:28:16...  This is very strange...


Since it was time related, i logged on ssh to the server and saw that there was a time problem and also that no NTPD service was running... i was hoping that an appliance would have this built-in... no ?


I corrected the time problem by installing a NTPD service and configuring it.


Unfortunately, the problem in the policy is still showing...


If you set the scheduler policy to run a scan at 12:00PM it will say that it will run it at 00:28:16


Any idea how to fix this ?





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Just letting you guys know that after rebooting the server, everything came back to normal... This is very strange.

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