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  1. Just letting you guys know that after rebooting the server, everything came back to normal... This is very strange.
  2. Hi, I am currently having a problem setting policies that contains exclusions with path using variables ex. %USERPROFILE%, %PROGRAMFILES%, %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% These variables were supported in the version 5 of ERA server. Are they not supported in the version 6 of ERA ? Thank you !
  3. Hi, I would like to know if anyone here had this problem. We have a policy that ask the clients to do a full system scan every wednesday at 12:00PM. The problem is that the scheduler task summary display that this task will be run at 00:28:16... This is very strange... Since it was time related, i logged on ssh to the server and saw that there was a time problem and also that no NTPD service was running... i was hoping that an appliance would have this built-in... no ? I corrected the time problem by installing a NTPD service and configuring it. Unfortunately, the problem in the policy is still showing... If you set the scheduler policy to run a scan at 12:00PM it will say that it will run it at 00:28:16 Any idea how to fix this ?
  4. It seems that that ERA Agent installed on the workstation needs to be able to get a reverse lookup entry from the DNS and then he will pass this information to the ERA server. But once it is registered to the ERA server if the workstation wasnt able to get a reverse lookup from the DNS you won't see anything else than the IP on the ERA console. it is impossible to refresh the hostname for the moment... you would need to reinstall the local ERA agent and redo the registration process to the ERA server ( Be sure to check that your workstation is able to get the reverse lookup from himself before reinstalling everything ).
  5. Is there any way to get the ERA server to update this information ? We have enabled the reverse lookup on our DNS servers but the workstations that were registered to ERA before the reverse lookup was enabled don't display their workstation name. Is there a way to ask for a refresh of this information ??
  6. Thank you. Ok so it seems to be a reverse lookup misconfiguration in our DNS.
  7. Ok... i have been able to reproduce the problem... Still another product not being activated... See what the console says : We can see that the message is received and that there is no product to activate... but this is not true... There is an Endpoint Antivirus installed on this machine. Any idea how to fix this issue ?
  8. This might be related to the same subject... I would like to know why some workstation do not have a resolved DNS name in the list ??? Even if the information is available in the details ( Win7-Lab2 )
  9. Thank you. I wasn't looking in the scheduler section. I was looking into the update section.
  10. I have run 3-4 more simulations and the product did activate. so you may forget about this previous message.
  11. I don't know if this is a coincidence but with this msi parameter, my product never gets activated by the ERA agent. i've waited 2 hours without rebooting... then i tried rebooting if it would change anything... but its not getting activated. I have a general policy that activate all the products that connects to the ERA server...
  12. Thank you! This msi parameter fixed the issue where we had a popup asking for activation. About the replication interval, can we set a server parameter for this ? For the moment, i know we can assign a policy with more frequent refresh. The problem is for the 1st refresh ( before that any policies have been applied )....
  13. That is exactly how we scripted the Zenworks installation 1st step : Install the ERA Agent on the workstation with the certificates provided by the batchfile - Copy the files locally on the workstation ( modified version of the provided script because we don't want every workstation to go get the agent online ) ( set url=hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/era/agent/v6/6.1.365.0/Agent_x86.msi ) = We don't want this - Copy the files ( era.ca.der.b64 and era.peer.pfx.b64 on a temp folder ) - Run this command : msiexec.exe /qr /i Agent_x86.msi /l*v %temp%\ra-agent-install.log ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress P_CONNECTION_CHOSEN=Host P_HOSTNAME=10.148.XX.XX P_PORT=2222 P_CERT_PATH=C:\tempfolder\ESET\era.peer.pfx.b64 P_CERT_PASSWORD="" P_LOAD_CERTS_FROM_FILE_AS_BASE64=YES P_CERT_AUTH_PATH=C:\tempfolder\ESET\era.ca.der.b64 2nd Step : After the ERA agent is installed, we launch the MSI installer of the ESET Endpoint Antivirus.
  14. The problem we have is that there is a delay before the policies are applied to the workstation... We use Novell Zenworks to deploy the ESET End Point Antivirus msi installer silently but when the setup is complete a popup is displayed on the current user session asking for a serial key to activate. Note that only 3-5 minutes after, the Antivirus is activated automatically with the help of the ERA agent installed on the workstation. Can we have a msi parameter that we can add to skip activation and wait for the ERA Agent to do his job ? something like this : msiexec.exe /i eea_nt32_frc.msi /qn SkipStartupActivation=1 This was for the new installations. Now for the upgraded installations : We would also like to tweak the upgrade process from 5.X to 6.X. When we use Zenworks to deploy the new version 6.X (msi) on the workstations that already have the 5.X version. The problem is that we would like to be able to deploy a configured solution. For the moment, we deploy the 6.X and there is a time-laps of about 30 minutes before the 6.X policies are applied. As a result the 6.X have the old policies from the 5.X for a moment and some of them are not compatible. Any idea ?
  15. Hi Marcos, Can you explain in details the process of creating a dual profile configuration ? I don't have any wizard asking me for a primary or secondary profile... ( Note that i use the appliance... maybe no wizard in the appliance ERA 6 ) I can confirm that i can create multiples update profiles but how to determine which one is the primary and which one is the secondary ??? Here's what we want to do... - Create a primary profile that will use the Appliance HTTP proxy to get the updates for the users inside our network. - Create a secondary profile that will get the updates through internet bypassing the proxy because it won't be available when the users are out of the office with their laptops. Thank you.
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