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Initiating Operating System updates installation


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Is there a way to initiate from ERA Windows Updates to be downloaded and installed?? I see several machines in our 5.2 ERA where users seem not to care much about installing these. And these are different domains we do not have single domain environemnt, many office run as smal, isolated islands, despite all under the same AV protection. If we were in one domain, using loigin script and group policy would be where I rather look for solution...

Basically I would like these machines to donwload a script and execute it to force wupdate.... https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa387102(VS.85).aspx


Is ERA good tool to be used for this type job at all?

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ERA v6 supports a task called "Operating system update". Endpoint v5 products were only able to notify about missing updates. For instance, you can create a dynamic group that will include computers that fulfill the rule "Functionality/Protection status of computer.Status not OK". Then you'll create a task "Operating system update" with that dynamic group selected as the target and select the trigger "Joined dynamic group". I'd strongly suggest installing ERA v6 and Endpoint v6 in a testing environment until you get used to the new concept of ERA.

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