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Constant Updating

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There are three members in my family and all three of us have ESET subscriptions. Mine is the only one that pops up several times a day with information that an update is ready to download. I tried a couple of months ago to get help and didn't get much but the problem seemed to resolve itself. Now it is back and instead of a few times a week, it is now multiple times a day. If I ignore it, the message keeps appearing and I get a reminder on my Taskbar to address it. If I download the update it does nothing to keep the pop up from continuing to alert me that there is an important update for me. Again, this never happens with my other family member's accounts.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great. I'm about ready to give up and get a different security program since this is getting really annoying.

Thank you.

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Post what Eset version you have installed. I suspect these Eset update popups are informing you that a new version of Eset is available for download and installation.

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collector_log.txt is just an operational log generated by ELC. Please supply the whole zip archive generated by ELC as well as a screenshot of the pop-up window that you are getting.

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