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RA6 - Linux - HTTPS (SSL) - Ubuntu 14

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Just wondering what it would take to enable SSL for my Web Console?


The help file mentions this:

NOTE: When you install the Web Console using the Installer, the default Web Console address is:

But there was no installer on the AIO ISO disk, or one for download that I can see.


So can I just google a generic "Ubuntu Tomcat 7 enable SSL" document? Has anyone made this happen? It's not a big deal really, as I'm only accessing the web console locally, and I'll just be using a self-signed certificate, but hey, why not?



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  • Former ESET Employees


     By default, yes, the installation should install Apachae and utilize the address https://localhost/era/.  If this is not the case in your installation, please advise as such in a reply. 


     Also, speaking on IF the installation is NOTusing the https login,it may be due to an existing installation of Apache as most instances of Linux contain some versions of Apache.  Again, this is dependant on the distribution used (which I think Ubuntu has an instance pre-installed)


     A guide that describes the changes needed to make to utilize SSL in case it is already not can be found at this site:  hxxp://www.mulesoft.com/tcat/tomcat-ssl




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