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  1. I'm not an ESET employee so don't quote me on any of this. Since they are potentially unwanted they aren't exactly malware or malicious. You should be able to go to the ERA6 installed applications tab and choose to uninstall them if they support agent uninstall. Otherwise you could just remote in to the machine and uninstall the applications. It looks like it uninstalled the Conduit.Y, maybe it is just a matter of time or it hasn't updated the newest information and it will get the rest? Is there any menu that pops up when you left click the red ones? Or is there any buttons at the bottom
  2. I thought I did that. But I'm not strong with Linux so maybe it didn't overwrite the existing era.war or something. I'm trying again, but this time I'll delete the existing war file... And that did the trick. Maybe I forgot to transfer it, I definitely downloaded it. Thanks for the tip!
  3. It's the same field, that's why I mentioned they should add another field for the SMTP TO: for the test. I have it setup and I receive mail from eset@mydomain.com, and eset is a non-existent email address.
  4. It would be so awesome if you could update the ESET server software from ERA6. It pops up in yellow when the version is older than the newest available, I wish ESET would make it so you could just click the new version number and it would download/install the newer version and any prerequisites. Or even better, just auto update itself. Think of the saved bandwidth by only updating the changes and not the whole package every time!
  5. Since the other topic seems to be pretty specific to Windows, I figured I would add a new one here. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 Server. I downloaded the new Agent/Server.sh installer files and the new web console.war. I ran both Agent and Server sh files without any arguments and it upgraded the software. Copied the new .war file to the tomcat7 folder. My web console is loading, but I can't create a server task. "Failed to load trigger types compatible with task types." Also when trying to create a client task to do "Remote Administrator Components Update" when it gets to the
  6. For me it was just inserting a license key under admin, so I figure you can just reinsert the key maybe? The certifications are going to be important to export/import though.
  7. I am running ERA6 Linux version and I see "Sender Address" right above "test smtp connection" my issue is it's sends the test to the sender address, but we are using eset@mydomain.com which is a non-working email address. So I had to test with a working email address and then change the sender address to our non-working email address. There should be another field under test smtp connection for a to: address just for the test.
  8. I'll start by saying I don't know, but this is a database driven application so I'm thinking you can just copy the databse from Windows to Linux. Now I'm guessing you are using some version of Microsoft SQL Server on Windows and Probably MySQL on Linux, so you need to find out where the database is stored on both operating systems, convert the MS SQL database to MySQL, and then copy it over. You can google the process to convert a MS SQL database to MySQL. Seems like a good place to start while you wait on a real ESET rep to get back to you. Good luck and post here if you find anything
  9. I'm running Ubuntu and I just re-ran the Server and Agent installs with no arguments and it upgraded them. Also copied over the new .war for web console. But...some things are acting funky. Can't start a server task probably the biggest issue. Getting: Failed to load trigger types compatible with task types. Also can't do "upgrade remote admin components" because it doesn't see my server. Although I'm guessing thats more for failover servers? I've only got the single server running.
  10. Here ya go: hxxp://help.eset.com/era/6/en-US/index.html?component_installation_linux.htm
  11. I'm trying to configure a Domain security group. I'm the only IT person, but I've got a slow day so I figured I'd try and get this security group thing working, well it was just giving me a connection error, so I ran the diagnostic tool and I'm getting this: 2015-02-12 13:54:38 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7fc9ea7d4700]: Untranslatable CInterModuleException: boost::process::find_executable_in_path: file not found: No such file or directory: "wbinfo" I love how Ubuntu helps idiots like me. I typed in wbinfo and it told be to install "winbind" apt-get install winbind So I'm not getting
  12. Just wondering what it would take to enable SSL for my Web Console? The help file mentions this: NOTE: When you install the Web Console using the Installer, the default Web Console address is: https://localhost/era/ But there was no installer on the AIO ISO disk, or one for download that I can see. So can I just google a generic "Ubuntu Tomcat 7 enable SSL" document? Has anyone made this happen? It's not a big deal really, as I'm only accessing the web console locally, and I'll just be using a self-signed certificate, but hey, why not?
  13. Agent and Client deployments went pretty smooth. Kind of slow though. Tasks don't trigger very fast, see my other topic. Still can't figure out how to force a policy/sync between RA and an Agent. The web console is pretty fast though. Definitely an improvement over the Symantec Endpoint Manager piece of junk I have been using for years.
  14. I'm trying to get a report about "Client tasks execution" to display the "Time of completion" so I can see how long the tasks are taking to complete, but when I add that column the report no longer has any data, and in the process I also managed to delete some of the default columns so now my whole report is screwed up. Is there any way to default the report or download the default one for import? Lesson learned, make a copy before you edit a report.
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