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Humble Pie

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Hi folks


Time to eat a slice of the old pie.


When the release of ERA6 was released I was quite despondent. No *easy* way to install on SBS, loads of separate components, more workload on the server.....I was going to stick with V5.


I even tried the prebuilt Image - then found ti was only for ESX, not hyperV.



So...I installed a separate environment, in my office, and configured the Live Installer Agent to connect across the internet, on a masked port.


It's all working brilliantly. 95 clients have EEA 6.1.2 installed, and all are checking in. Removing V5 was a pain in the **** as all settings were password protected.


Sure, there's a lot of "usability" issues with the web console, and I've made a number of suggestions on this forum (I could make many more, like how to rerun a failed task, how to see a log for why something failed, etc). Hopefully these will come with later vesions.



So.....I'm glad I've made the jump to V6. ESET have clearly put a lot of work into this version, and in my view its been worth it.





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  • ESET Staff

Thanks Jim for taking the time to write this. We appreciate the opportunity to help resolve the issues that you did have. It's great to hear that things are working well, and if you have questions or feedback in the future we hope the forum can continue to be a resource for you.

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