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Eset Home/ Android: Not working

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I've recently bought an Home Ultimate license,since my previous one had expired.

However I found this license dissapointed,since it's either unsupported or discounted.

Because however in the past I had F- secure( for +10 years), and compared to this service it's as good or on the same level as an unlocked wire lock( to your bike).

Since the software never recognized anything harmfull,but I myself know that I have something on my device.

So when I've bought VPN from Nord( in wich has an active Antimalware), because however what F- secure failed with was detected buy Nord.

So what my point is that I see similarities with F- secure.


Since my license is cross- platform independent( Windows and Android), but since you are more known for it's old school windows(based on 98/XP/7).

But as everybody knows that these windows are discounted.

However this also confirms my suspicions, is when I read the small prints( and also based on my own personal intuition) on my local site "Rooted Android devices are not supported".

But this is contradictory, since in the advertisment that your service are top winning regarding to Smartphones and Tablets.

Since all devices are Rooted( with fixed os/ non refundable/ non changeable/ non supported by the manufacture).

So however I myself have an tablet( Samsung Galaxy Tab S9FE; SM- X516B).

As my own personal experiences of that my license is unsupported( not working as it should be)- is the fact that when I visit certain websites( wich are known for spreading malwares etc), that my device isn't booting normaly.

So as my own personal experiences of how blootwares are spread is that they affect the boot sequence.

But however when I reebot( force my device to a reebot) 3-4 times I can start my device.

However when I perform an factory reset( soft reset), the device is booting normaly.

But however I also can install my license on Windows as well( I have an Pc).

Since it failed for me to install; due too something called Windows Azure.

But however since I myself is more familar with old school windows ( everything above Win 98 isn't worth to learn), and found modern Windows wich are app based much unpredictable,and that that there is always a catch= needs constant maintaince/ update.

With that also that everything takes nearly 3 times longer than on my old school win 7. That starts on the button within 5 min.

But compared to new windows, in wich starts above 5min. Not mention all the updates that must be performed before I even can do anything.

Not not to mention that I shold have a large dose of pation( not to be frustrated), since when I've started up the windows first time it took nearly a half day before I even could use my pc.

So I don't overdrive when I say that a simpel task as paying an invoice( that take less than 10 min), takes me nearly 2- 3 h. That's only due to constant updates.

As everybody knows that the difference between an app,and an bough program( with an exe- file), is that you don't own your software. You just have permission within limited terms/ subscribtions.

So based on my own personal experiences I don't share the positive experiences that this is an premium software thst can be trusted.

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The VPN which has been recently added in Ultimate subscription is a 3rd party softare not developed by ESET. If you have purchased the subscription for the purpose of installing VPN on your mobile phone, the refund policy should apply and there should be no problem refunding you the money if you contact the distributor or seller who sold the license and request a refund.

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