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Couple of questions about ESET Firewall on Servers

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum. We use ESET Protect but this is regarding the firewall on ESET Servers.

We are enabling the firewall in learning mode on a couple new servers and I have two questions:

1. I see there is a way to see when a rule that has been created by learning mode was last used. But, is there a way to tell when the rule was actually created? Before we switch from learning to automatic, we want to see if any new rules were recently created.

2. Say a server needs a reinstall, is the only way to restore the rules on the new server is by doing a config export on the old server and an import on the new server?


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1, You can right-click a column title and select "Last used":



2, If you don't apply firewall rules via a policy and want to use custom rules, then the only way to preserve them after migration to another server is by exporting the configuration and then importing it on the new server.

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@Marcos Thanks for the information. I'm looking for "Date Created", not "Last Used". We have a cutoff date to turn "learning mode" off. When that date comes, we want to see when the last rule was created. If learning mode is still creating recent rules, then we need to evaluate if we've missed some rules before we switch to "automatic" mode.

We are trying to avoid breaking stuff once the firewall goes fully live.

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