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Windows devices Remote Wiping

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Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to inquire about the potential for remote wiping Windows devices using ESET products. Are there any features within ESET's solutions that facilitate remote wiping for Windows devices? Additionally, I'm interested in learning about any best practices recommended by ESET or the community for implementing remote wiping effectively.

Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Alexandros

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I think Eset doesn't have that kind of product

Maybe you can try use Eset Enddpoint Encryption with full disk encryption enable. It's not wiping but lock disk with encryption.
Just delete user from console, so user cannot use existing password for login. I haven't tried it, but it seems possible CMIIW.

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  • Administrators

Perhaps it could be possible to run a disk wiper tool remotely via the Run command task providing that it's located in a folder shared for other machines in the network. However, if you mean a complete disk wipe and not just rewriting unused space with zeroes, it won't be possible as long as the OS is running and you'd need to take the machine offline and run a disk wiper after booting from another medium I assume.

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We try lock device from Eset Protect connsole with Eset Fulldisk Encryption enable. Block FDE login password.


And now this laptop cannot boot


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  • ESET Staff

I believe @santoso has the best recommendation for this.

Once the command has been processed by the workstation, the device will instantly bluescreen and nobody will be able to login to the workstation. All the data will be encrypted too so zero chance of anyone accessing it without recovery data.

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