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Parental Controls (on Windows): remote adminstration

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Guest Matt

I want to find a solution to remove Microsoft Edge from my childrens computers: but its currently in use for parental controls.

ESET seems to have parent controls - but deeply buried. Is there any way to set this up so I can remotely monitor/administer the parental controls from my device - as opposed to directly on their machines?

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Guest Matt

It would certainly be a useful feature to allow people to break away from the Microsoft Edge stranglehold - and in my opinion worth an upgrade fee

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Guest Murray
On 1/24/2024 at 1:14 AM, Marcos said:

While it is possible that in the future it will be possible to manage also Parental Control for Windows via https://parentalcontrol.eset.com/, we can't promise it as of now.

I have to say that for a company the size of ESET to NOT let parents have the ability of parents to update the settings remotely from the parent dashboard is INSANE!

My daughter is at school and cannot access a school website and there is NOTHING I can do to assist - what sort of cowboy program is this!! This needs to be a priority - this has happened 5 times this week and she is having many problems because of the lack of this feature - I also do NOT get any messages or ability to alter it if she is at school - very disappointed! 

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