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Problem on using Eset Internet Security on Win11 - Win-Updates are blocked and errormessage while Eset startup

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Guest Sven

Hello Support Community,

i see error message "eset security konnte nicht im windows sicherheitscenter registriert werden" (english: eset security could not be registered in windows security center) while windows startup.

i did a deinstallation and installation of eset software. --> same behavior

i tried [KB367] Windows Sicherheitscenter gibt falsche Informationen zu ESET Sicherheitsprodukt aus

i tried [KB217] Das Windows Sicherheitscenter erkennt mein Windows ESET-Produkt nicht

and nothing went better.


Beside this the esest software is blocking my windows 11 updates. i need to install all of them since the day of the installation manually. all support pages tell me the antivirus tool beside the onboard antivirus will cause this problem.


Please give me some support, because at the moment my knowledge is fully teared up. I am a long term user of this Eset security solution and was always happy - but now i need to think about changing my security partner...

Thank you a lot in andvance

Greetings Sven

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