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How do I add custom search patterns for detection

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We use ESET Protect 10.1.1291.0.

A customer has not only a VPN tunnel to us, but also to another IT partner. This IT partner was individualy attacked and now provided an individual list of IOC hashes as well as a list of attacking IPs.

For the moment, there is no indication, that the customers network had been compromized. Nevertheless, I would like to scan my network as well for signs of intrusion as I have no information, wether ths IT Partner reported anyway to update standard AV search databases.

How could I extend the ESET databases for the full client file scan and the IDS/HIPS for all clients?


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You can send the list of hashes to samples[at]eset.com for a check in case we've got such samples. As for blocking network communication with IP addresses, you can create a blocking firewall rule with the IP addresses listed.

It's also possible to block SHA1 of files via our XDR solution ESET Inspect.

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